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Frequently Asked Questions

What we deliver

We help you become a Trusted Advisor. To position your services as value that inspires. Engage in (prospective) client dialogue. Discovering and challenging your clients' ambitions. Closing opportunities you create. Resulting in lasting relationships and recurring revenue without having to "push sales". We offer 1on1 coaching on-the-job, tailored workshops or complete team tracks.

What sets us apart

We don't force you to work with abstract models. We don't write academic assessments. We don't provide you with standard training. We focus on getting you confident and "in action", inspiring you and your team with over 25 years of Trusted Advisor best practice. We pass on proven, actionable skills and help you execute at your (prospective) clients. Your effective action is our goal and 100% guaranteed. Our standard is to tailor our methods to your needs till you succeed.

Who are our clients

You are ambitious to become a Trusted Advisor. You are a Sales or Success pro seeking to step up your game. Be less transactional, more consultative. Or you are a Consultant, Data scientist or Entrepreneur eager to shift your (prospective) client dialogue from content to contract. With your personal signature and integrity as expert but without all the sales push and grind.

Can we enable your team

Yes, your team of professionals can learn to be Trusted Advisors. We believe any professional is capable of Trusted Selling. Whether a rising star or established professional. If your team has an honest interest in their (prospective) clients, we help the team become sales confident to actively build trust with the right mix of structure, skills and personal style.

How do you become a Trusted sales leader

You aspire to "lead your professionals in sales"? We help you lead by 4 values that distinguish the leader from a manager:  #1 Knowing when to intervene between clients and your team, #2 Driving client action with rigor, #3 Adjusting team behavior on-the-go, #4 Leading by example. For you to grow your team into Trusted Advisors, we have turned these values into actionable steps. Experienced or Rising Star, each step can be packaged to fit your needs. From 1on1 coaching to workshops to a complete Trusted Leader team track.

What do our tracks contain

Enable your team to enjoy and perform in Trusted Selling. From 1on1 coaching to complete team tracks, our programs are a mix of commitment to personal goals, actionable plans, tailored skills training, team fun and on-the-job guidance in actual client situations. Results? increased sales confidence, effective sales action and providing you and your team with a safe space to make mistakes while improving on-the-job. 

Can we grow your complex accounts

What is the right strategy to develop an account? Which services should we position? And why now? Should we engage stakeholders bottom-up or top-down? And with what triggers? We know how complex it can be to develop enterprise accounts. Requiring you to consider several stakeholders, value points and scenario's. We coach you on-the-job to make the right choices, take effective action, mitigate risk and move you closer to conversion.

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