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Trusted Leadership

Looking to inspire your professionals in sales? Then you are ready to lead by 4 values that distinguish the leader from the manager:  

  1. Knowing when to intervene between clients and your team

  2. Driving client action with rigor

  3. Adjusting team behavior on-the-go

  4. Leading by example.


For you to grow your team into Trusted Advisors, we have turned these values into actionable steps. Experienced or Rising Star, solo or a team, each step can be packaged to fit your needs. From 1on1 coaching to workshops to a complete Leadership track.

Your Trusted Leadership steps

Marianne Faro, Managing Partner at Itility

"Frits Willem has the ability to grow consultants in effective client communication, tactics and action. Enabling them to reflect and look further ahead. Making them better allround professionals. And in a pleasant way!"
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